3 Reasons Your Furnace Can Rust

The longer you wait to address rust on your furnace, the worse the problem will become. As rust builds up, it eats away at metal surfaces. The appearance of this damage can indicate a problem is building from within your heating system.

3 REASONS YOUR FURNACE CAN RUST - Preferred Home Services


Too much humidity in the home can pose a problem for the ventilation system. Excess moisture can actually build up inside the return air system and cause metal components to rust. If you live in a humid climate, you’ll want to monitor air moisture and keep ducts clean. A dehumidifier can help put a stop to the rust and other issues that happen with too much moisture.


Any water leaks that occur near your furnace can cause rust to form on it or inside it. If you have a packaged unit that provides both heating and cooling, an AC leak can also create rust. Condensation from leaks or water dripping onto the furnace can lead to oxygen and moisture interacting with the metal and forming iron oxide, also known as rust.

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A broken exhaust system within the furnace can lead to rust forming deep inside the system. In addition, as exhaust gases leave the home, they cool and form water vapor that in turn can cause rust to accumulate. Annual maintenance of your heating equipment can help monitor the condition of your system and its metal surfaces.

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