Simple Ways To Make The Best Use Of Your AC

With summer settling in, we can all find some relief from the heat by using our air conditioners. Turning on your air conditioner plays a critical role in keeping you cool throughout the summer season. However, it is important to remember a few key tips for making sure that your air conditioner functions at its best and lasts as long as possible, which will also save you a lot of money on repairs, replacements and utility bills in the long run. Here are a few simple suggestions for maximizing the usefulness and life expectancy of your AC system.
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You should replace the air filter for your air conditioner every couple of months to make sure that it is clean and working properly. You may need to replace your air filter more often if you have pets in the house. A dirty air filter causes your system to work harder, and it increases the likelihood of repairs. A clogged air filter will also increase your energy costs.


One way to lower your utility bill each month is by setting the maximum and minimum temperatures throughout the day within a few degrees of each other. Maintaining this relatively stable range will allow for efficient operation of your air conditioner without causing additional stress as it tries to compensate for an extreme difference in temperatures.


On moderate days, you may not need to crank up the AC to cool down. Remember that you can turn your air conditioner to the “fan” mode. If the heat isn’t excessive outdoors, this might be sufficient to keep you comfortable. It will also lessen the burden on your AC and lower your utility bill.

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